RUNNING 2022km IN 2022

“I am running 2022km in 2022 to raise funds and awareness for the Grace Crocker Family Support Foundation”, Alan Falle, P.E. teacher for many years, recently told our Editor.   

The Grace Crocker Family Support Foundation provide emotional and financial support for families from Jersey who need to spend time in the UK whilst their child receives medical treatment in a hospital. This might be covering the costs of flights and accommodation for family members, for example. Alan gave our Editor more detail;

Why the Grace Crocker Family Support Foundation?
I met Nigel, co-founder of the Foundation and father of Grace, a number of years ago playing cricket. As a teacher, I have seen a couple of students go through challenging treatment periods in the UK, I knew the impact that this could have upon families and ran the 2014 marathon for the foundation. Since then, some of my friends have benefitted greatly from the support that the Grace Crocker Family Support Foundation offer, and so I have come back to complete a bigger challenge in the hope of raising more funds and more awareness for the Foundation.

The Challenge

The challenge equates to 5.5km a day, on average, or just under a marathon a week. I’ll mainly be doing lots of small runs of 4-7k, but will also take part in a number of local events such as the Jersey Marathon and the El Diablo Half-Marathon as well as some unofficial half and full-marathon distances with friends. At the time of writing, I am on track to pass 600km before the end of February, though there are some much needed quieter months ahead.

What I’m hoping to achieve

There are a few things I am hoping to achieve by doing this;

  • Raise awareness for the charity – the more people that know about the charity, the more people they can support!
  • Raise funds for the charity so that they can continue to grow and support more families in Jersey.
  • Put my money where my mouth is with regards to the message we give to the students at Victoria College, where I am the Head of Sixth Form, about supporting the local community.
  • Engaging people in group runs for social and health benefits.

How people can help

The best thing anyone can do to get involved is to follow and spread the word about the challenge and the charity. They can follow on Instagram (2022_in_2022), where updates and information will be posted, and they can read more about the Charity at or via their Facebook page. 

I am aiming to raise as much money as possible, and all donations are not only appreciated but help to provide a bit of motivation for the next run! People can donate here – My minimum goal of £2022 has been surpassed and my new, more ambitious target is £20,022, though I’ll need a lot of support to get there.

People can also take part in group runs to keep me company and to play a more active role in supporting the challenge. I am hoping to arrange some fun runs but there are going to be fairly regular group runs taking place, free of charge, at the weekend. Information available on Instagram when these are scheduled and it’d be great to see different people joining us along the way.

The team behind the challenge

I will be supported by a number of local business so that I do this the right way. True Food Nutrition will be providing me with support and guidance so that I am fuelling my body properly, especially for longer runs. PhysioFit will be checking in with me with regards to any injuries or issues that may arise to help with recovery and injury prevention. The team at Funktion, a personal training gym in town, have helped to ensure I am conditioned for the challenge and will be helping me with recovery and conditioning throughout the challenge. They are also helping me with my running schedule to ensure I don’t overdo it.

Get in touch and spread the word

Please do get in touch with messages of support or advice, and most importantly please do spread the word. If the only thing that comes from this is that more people become aware of the fantastic work that The Grace Crocker Family Support Foundation undertakes for Jersey families then each and every kilometre will have been worthwhile!

We at The Jerseylife wish Alan and all involved great success in this venture and invite our readership to support in any way they can.

Thank you