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The ‘Beyond Everest’ Challenge was the culmination of intensive training for Headway Jersey’s fundraising and events Manager Bryce Alford and perhaps his greatest challenge yet, but does not compare to the challenge he believes Headway Jersey faces having lost £100,000 due to Covid-19. His intension was not only to raise £10,000 (£1 for every metre of elevation achieved), but also to inspire the Jersey public to set their own elevation challenge throughout September and in so doing he created the Beyond Everest Virtual Challenge.

You can make a difference too, join the challenge and
”Reach Higher for Headway’. Whether you walk or run, use the stairs at home or in the office, the treadmill at the gym or find a more challenging dog walking route, or cliff path walk the choice is yours.

How high are you prepared to climb? Here are just a few of the mountains around the world for you to set your sights on:

Mount Everest – 8,848m Nepal
Mount Kilimanjaro – 5,895m Tanzania
The Eiger – 3,970m Switzerland
The combined 3 Peaks – 3,408m UK
Half Dome – 2,694m Yosemite National Park Mount Kosciuszko – 2,228m Australia
Mer de Glace – 1,913m France
Ben Nevis – 1,345 Scotland
Mount Snowdon – 1,085m Wales
Scafell Pike – 978m England

A unique Beyond Everest wooden Eco Medal and E-Certificate will be your reward, along with knowing that you will be helping to save Headway Jersey’s life changing services for those who have suffered brain injuries, such as Aneurysm, Brain tumour,
Stroke and accidents amongst many other causes.

Each year running costs are £350,000 with the greater part coming from fund raising activities. Register at the Race Nation link here: ltd/beyond-everest-virtual-challenge.

Here is an easy way for you to achieve the Scafell Pike challenge at 978m. A flight of stairs at home or at work would give you 3m of elevation. Whilst this might not sound a lot, if you were to ascend 10 times each day you would accumulate 30m of elevation throughout the day. If you repeat this for 20 days in the month that would give you 600m. If you were then to add in a more challenging dog walk in a week or perhaps a hilly run or a cliff path walk each weekend, you would achieve your goal.

As we approach our 24th year, Headway Jersey are grateful for all the continued support from the generous Jersey public.

Our just giving page is bryce-alford-hope24 all donations are greatly welcome.

Contact details; Bryce Alford
T: 01534 505937