A New Career Blossoms…

A New Career Blossoms at Orchard Chiropractic & Health Centre

The Editor

I’ve been a fan of Chiropractic treatment for many years – since I was a teenager in fact, but far from the old fashioned one click and your done routine I had been subjected to all those years ago, modern day chiropractors now demonstrate a sensitivity and range of knowledge that far surpasses many other health procedures and the therapists at Orchard House are no exception.   

Founded in 1999 by Charles Robottom, Orchard Chiropractors have always worked to a very high standard. Charles has engaged a few colleagues over the years and most recently employed Felicity MacDougall D.C. who fresh out of Chiropractic college soon fitted into the mix as if she had always been there.

Recently, Felicity shared her journey with me…

“Originally, I’m from a small town called Frithsden in Hertfordshire and at least 2.5 hrs drive from the coast in any direction.  I spent my whole childhood growing up in the lush green English countryside surrounded by dogs and horses.  As a child I sustained so many sports injuries I was in and out of physios, chiropractors etc, then at 15 I contracted lime disease which including chronic fatigue and severe weight loss, also gave me horrendous joint pain and I found that although I knew it wouldn’t cure me, chiropractic work gave me the most amazing symptomatic relief.  Given my history I always knew I wanted to go into some kind of therapy work but this experience cemented what I wanted to do!

I left secondary education and went straight to the Anglo European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth where I studied for 4 years.  Whilst there I met my partner, Tom Wagstaffe, who serendipitously is a Jersey bean and we returned to Jersey together.  Tom joined his sister Sara’s practice in St. Peter, but I needed to secure a place locally for myself.  After crossing all the t’s, dotting all the i’s and jumping through all the hoops required to live and work in Jersey, I rang several practices my first being Orchard.  At that time there wasn’t an opening so I continued to search, but then through good old Jersey word of mouth, Sara, who incidentally had practiced in this very room some years ago, heard that a position had become available here and just in the nick of time.  I called again and Charles invited me to pop in and meet him.

We sat in his office and got chatting and straight away I felt really comfortable.  We quickly established that we have the same kind of work ethic and given Charles has been established for over 20 years, I was keen to learn from his considerable experience and Charles showed great interest in any new techniques and modalities I could bring to the mix being fresh out of college.  I started working here in September 2021.  From the get-go it seemed like a win win for both of us and the time I’ve spent here has proved that supposition to be true.  We often bounce ideas of each other and ask one another’s advice.    

I’m very interested in the Sacro Occipital Technique in which Charles is a Master and we are both very interested in the rehabilitation side of things, so we have a very evidence-based practice.  Merging old chiropractic and new chiropractic and having the ability to learn from each other and constantly improving how we look after our clients means we can offer a very well-rounded service.

I think it’s important to have humility and accept your scope and that at the start of your practice in healthcare, other people often know more than you do and embrace the opportunity to learn.  If what I am doing is not working for a particular client, I know I can refer them on to other practitioners in the practice, for instance to Sarah Corcoran for Sports Massage and so on.

I’m really happy here – being my first job from Uni I don’t mind admitting I was a little nervous to start with but now I am very comfortable, feel I fit in with the other staff and have good working relationships with everyone.  I know my clients are all going to be looked after very well from the moment they step through the door and from a logistics point of view, we have parking right outside the door, no steps for clients to negotiate and we are pretty central so easily accessible from any part of the island, and I have such a lovely room in which to practice…I can’t imagine being anywhere else.”

Having consulted with Felicity a few times now I can confirm that yes, I do feel completely looked after from the moment I step inside the door but much more than that, my personal experience of Felicity’s work is that she is very methodical and considered and determined to get to the heart of a problem.  One couldn’t ask for more.  I will definitely continue to see Felicity as and when, and feel confident she will be able to ‘sort out’ my chiropractic needs.

Charles said of his latest recruit, “Felicity joined us here at Orchard Chiropractic & Health Centre in September of last year. She has brought a fresh new professionalism into the Clinic and a willingness to be part of a team both Chiropractically and within our broader medical and holistic practitioners. Her keen interest in Sport, rehabilitation and those with weak or over mobile ligaments and a wonderful ability to communicate with people has seen her practice grow.”

Felicity works 4 days a week; Monday and Tuesday, Thursday and Friday – 8:30am to 5pm