Is it the four walls within which we sleep each night, or is home a feeling deep within us all?

As we navigate another month in a global pandemic, the notion of home has definitely shifted.

Being in lockdown gave people the chance to appreciate their home in a new way – perhaps being thankful for a secure job that paid the bills, or feeling gratitude for the warmth and security of our surroundings amidst the chaos.

For others, home provided a safe space to retreat from the madness, while for many millions of people around the world, their home became a prison: an isolated, lonely space devoid of social interaction, hugs and warmth.

As we enter the last few months of 2020, it feels as if we’re waking up to a new reality, one that we feel in control of through our own thoughts and actions. There’s a sense of exhaustion with the media (and governments) pulling us down with an overbearing dark cloud of fear and scarcity. In response, as human beings, we’re trying to find new ways of living that bring forth that sense of home – safety, security and love – that we all crave on some primal level.

More and more people are noticing the drain that mass consumption of the media is having on our energy – both physical and mental. While it’s important in many ways to keep up with world events, our constant connection to mobile devices means that we’re drip fed a constant stream of information that has an agenda of its own.

In a ‘spiritual’ sense, we’re counteracting this low vibrational energy with a new high vibrational upgrade.

COVID has propelled us forward in creativity and innovation, building new levels and webs of connection and community.
And in many ways, this feels like we’re on our way home. Globally, over the last few decades, we have strayed so far from the true essentials of human life, with a world culture based on mass consumption that brought forth a level of disconnection and loneliness never seen before.

So, this is our chance to come home.

With home being a place within us all where we feel content, fulfilled and vibrant.

A place where we feel safe and secure, loved and able to express ourselves fully.

But how do we get there?

There is no map or no GPS, just an internal navigation system that you have to build for yourself. Yes, you’ll find yourself lost and stuck in a dead end multiple times, but as the old saying goes: ‘It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.’

Looking inwards and asking yourself questions such as these will help you to reconnect to your heart and soul; the true location of home and inner peace:
What do I really need?

What do I truly want?
What lights me up?
What makes me feel good?

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Once you begin to live a life that stems from this inner peace, you become more resilient to the challenges the external world throws at you. As you start to radiate a new level of strength, happiness and love, you’ll spread that higher vibrational energy outwards and have a positive impact on family, friends, colleagues and community.

It really is all about living your best life.

And in Jersey, we truly are more blessed than many places around the world. We’re surrounded by the most beautiful scenery that encompasses sandy beaches and turquoise bays, rugged cliffs, forest walks and extreme tides that change the landscape from hour to hour. We have a close community,

a healthy economy and a passion to innovate and grow.

To find the inner peace that comes with feeling truly home, here are some of my favourite ways to regain the connection to your true self:

Take a walk outside – feel the sand on your toes, the breeze in your face, the sunshine on your skin, the salt spray of the waves as they crash onto the sea wall.

Pay close attention to nature – touch the leaves, run your fingers through the long grasses, look at the layers in the rocks, watch the activities of birds or insects.

Find ways to bring stillness and calm into your life – read a book, sit somewhere with a beautiful view, meditate, take up yoga or Pilates, get a relaxing massage or spend the day in a spa.

Fill your life with people and activities that make you feel good. (And make good use of all the incredible resources online if we end up in another lockdown situation.)

Nourish your body with healthy, home cooked food, enjoying plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit as well as whole grains, beans, lentils, nuts and seeds.

Drink more water.

The more you fill your own cup first, the more ‘at home’ you’ll feel in yourself and will naturally create higher levels of happiness, resilience and inner strength that will ensure you are able to approach challenging situations with grace and ease. As a positive side effect, you’ll feel more joy, happiness and contentment that you’ll naturally want to share with others.

Welcome Home!