Rocking a positive body image is much more than just how you look! Positive body image entails appreciating, loving and nurturing the body regardless of its consistency with media appearance ideals. Having a positive body image will help you feel happy and will allow those closest around you to ditch their own insecurities too!

Retrain yourself to love your body with our 10 steps to better body confidence today!

1. Be your own best friend

When your inner voice starts to throw some negativity towards how you look, stop and ask yourself, would you speak to your best friend like that? The answer is NO! So, be your own best friend and show yourself some love.


If you are struggling to stay positive, try using a self-help book. There is an abundance of wonderful books available and they can help to normalise how you’re feeling and focus on the positives in your life.

2. Two positives banish a negative

Have you ever stopped to think about how many negative feelings pass through your body daily versus those powerful positive thoughts? Try matching one negative personal judgement with two power-boosting positives, this will help you establish a new pattern and ditch the body-shaming habit!


“It’s better to be an optimist who is sometimes wrong, than a pessimist who is always right.” 

3. Step away from the scales

We’ve said this before, but let us remind you that you do not need to judge your body by what you weigh. Throw away the bathroom scales and choose to feel great in your own skin through eating healthily and taking regular exercise.


Research has indicated that weighing yourself every morning can have a detrimental affect on your mood. In fact, consistent weighing can lead to strong feelings of negativity towards yourself; resulting in excessive weight gain or extreme weight loss.

4. Express yourself

It can be really easy to get stuck in a rut with your own individual style. Try giving yourself a mini style makeover. Upgrade your boyfriend jeans to a cute dress; your usual sportswear to a smart shirt… it might be just the pick-me-up you need.


Before hitting the high street or your favourite online retailer, it’s worth investing some time in researching your body shape. Pinterest is a good place to start! 

5. Be Accepting

It is okay to be confident in how you look, it isn’t self-importance; by giving yourself permission to like your body, you are allowing yourself to radiate confidence which will make you feel much better about yourself every day.


The jury remains undecided on whether social media has a negative impact on body confidence which was highlighted in a recent BBC article. Remember, not everything you see is reality. If you are feeling a bit low, turn off your phone, run a bath and have a bit of a pamper!

6. Everyone is worthy

Every person is a unique blend of experiences, feelings, thoughts and stories that you wouldn’t possibly know simply by looking at them. By respecting everyone in a non-judgemental way, it allows you to appreciate and celebrate your own strengths and talents!


Being positive can be catching so, share your happy thoughts with your friends and family. Always try to avoid getting involved in negative conversations which can bring you down! 

7. Yoga; renew your body and mind

An American study found that practising yoga was associated with higher levels of body satisfaction in a general population of young adults. Daily yoga allows you to become more aware of your strength and flexibility and helps you tap into your body and mind to develop an inner awareness and body appreciation.


The benefits of yoga has been scientifically researched for years. Science tells us this 3000 year old practice has incredible therapeutic effects on our body, mind and soul. In fact, this complementary therapy is proven to help with depression, anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

8. Ditch the comfort eating

Comfort eating is high on the list as causing excessive weight gain which leads to poor body image. Rather than eating when you are hungry, you eat, for example, when you feel sad, lonely or bored. Emotional eating is a learnt behaviour; you’ve learnt it so you can unlearn it, too. Replace those old habits with something that has a positive effect on your body like exercise or relaxation or find a new hobby you enjoy! Check out our blog The Science of Happiness to improve your mind-set and day-to-day habits to enhance your mood and avoid using food to cheer you up.


A carefully planned balanced diet is the most important thing for your body. It is essential for living a long and healthy life. On The Six Pack Revolution we promote BALANCE. Our recipes, created by our founder, Scott Harrison, categorise ingredients into 3 macro-nutrients: Protein; Carbohydrates; Healthy Fats. Each recipe, whether it’s a snack or meal, has the right amount of macro-nutrients to provide BALANCE to the body and the mind.

9. Be in tune with your physicality

Your body is an instrument through which our inner strength, beauty and individuality are visible to the world. Sports, dance, movement of any kind will honour your physicality and create your own self-worth. Find a physical activity you love and move for fun.


Did you know there are scientific reasons that dancing makes us happy. When we dance our brain releases endorphins that create a feeling of fun, relaxation and power. In fact, neuro-scientists at Columbia University identified that, when we synchronise our movement to a beat, we will double our pleasure. So turn up your music and get those dancing shoes on!

10. Fast forward 20 years

Spend some time thinking about how you want to age. Acknowledge that your body is going to change and that nobody is meant to remain looking 20 years old. Being fit and healthy in your retirement should be your aim!


Our article, How Well are you Ageing, gives some fantastic tips on how you can slow down the process of ageing through your own lifestyle choices to look and feel better today!

Thank you to Scott Harrison founder of The Six Pack Revolution for the article