Scott’s fitness journey began later in life at the age of 42, staring at the other dad’s in the school playground he realised he was now one of them, an unfit, overweight dad whose New Year’s resolution was to get fit and get himself a six pack within 90 days.  Scott educated himself on nutrition, discovering a way of fuelling the body that had scientifically been proven to get the most outstanding results.Following a strict plan of results driven healthy eating and exercise, Scott documented his journey on Facebook, engaging his friends and followers and in the end 36 people joined him on his fitness journey. Using his new-found knowledge, Scott was extremely strict on the group to ensure that everyone got the results that were achievable. The 90 days came to an end and Scott and his friends were all looking and feeling fantastic. Through word of mouth and Facebook friends, Scott was in demand to lead another 90-day plan and this time he had an impressive 120 people joining him.    With a new lease of life and a dream to reach even more people with his plan Scott completed a level 3 PT qualification, fitness diploma with distinction and various other courses including; nutrition, food intolerances, diabetes, psychology and yoga.  Using his academic knowledge and personal experience hebegan to perfect his plan, now known as The Six Pack Revolution, which officially launched in September 2016. Scott worked tirelessly on how to improve the programme to achieve the amazing SPR results in less time and he successfully managed to bring the term to now only 75 days. Participants are told exactly what to eat and drink each day with an abundance of recipes, must complete an exercise regime and are held accountable by The Six Pack Revolution team of coaches.  The exercises are short but highly effective, taking 10-15 minutes per day and with two sessions of approximately 30 minutes a week.  All participants must also follow a strict plan created by Scott involving eating carefully mapped out meals and snacks six times a day. The groups are flooded with positivity and taught to look at life from a different perspective, with many live Zooms held by Scott himself. As you can see from the thousands of results and positive reviews that Scott has a unique, direct and super effective way of motivating participants to reach goals they never believed possible! 
You have had huge highs and lows in your life, what has it taught you?I went from a dream job as a trader at a bank, to entrepreneur with solariums, jewellery businesses and a happy marriage, to seeing it all collapse around me (including my marriage) with debts of almost £100,000 at 32.I began reading a personal development book called The Secret and how the law of attraction could have a positive affect on every area of our lives. The effect on my life has been immeasurable. I paid off my debts, created a £15 million double glazing business and am happily married with two wonderful children. But as time went on I began to feel I had more to give, to be remembered for good.
What have been the health benefits?I look and feel years younger and I’m fitter than most people half my age. Mentally and emotionally I’m the strongest I’ve ever been and The SPR is the most rewarding job anyone could ever ask for. We spend most of our lives worrying but all of life’s trials and tribulations are just obstacles to get over and learn from. A healthy, strong body and mind is always the best foundation.

The Six Pack Revolution is now in over 48 countries including Singapore, Saudi Arabia and Zambia and has approx. 20,000 participants to date.
There is also the best seller recipe book and secrets of SPR – Eat Your Way To A Six Pack 
Also the meal replacement and post workout smoothies.