How to Transform Your Gut for Optimal Health – and Why!

By Charles Robottom

We have been trying to avoid Covid-19 since last year and it is now time to learn to live with it. The big question is How?

Internal body inflammation is one of the major factors in the immune response to any virus which affects our health. Therefore, reducing the severity and impact of the cytokine release when our immune system attacks viruses, could affect us being hospitalized or even getting long covid. 

The Health of the Gastrointestinal system is one area that we can control in times where everything seems so out of control. This also can help reduce body inflammation…

Evidence indicates that the gut microbiota plays a vital role in our health, including immunity.  The so called ‘forgotten organ’, the microbiome, comprises of trillions of microbes, including bacteria, fungi and viruses that are unique to each of us.  Personal experience of the benefits by following the Nutri Advanced Gut Transformation Programme for 6 weeks last summer, helped to heal my small intestine lining, reduce leaky gut and increase my ‘friendly’ bacteria. The change in my intestinal health and biome had the effect of reducing inflammation within my whole body which led to me feeling fantastic, shedding a stone and most importantly the benefits are still very much in evidence.

This anti-inflammatory focus is vital, especially at the moment. This can be achieved by:

  • Gut transformation to heal and populate with ‘friendly bacteria’
  • Supporting the friendly bacteria in the bowel with a good quality probiotic
  • Stop regularly eating the foods that promote bad bacteria and fungi (eg: Candida) 
  • Making a habit of eating a broad range of different coloured vegetables that will feed the friendly bacteria 
  • Reducing or avoiding foods that contain Gluten or a lot of sugar such as sweets, biscuits and alcohol. Total abstinence is not realistic for many, but not eating and drinking these carbs for more than 2 days in a row will dramatically affect the balance of your Gut Biome.

In an ideal world, the above regime would last more than 100 days as this will create a new habit. Difficult I know but it is food for thought.

Evidence is also pointing to taking Vitamin D3 as this reduces inflammation but also stabilizes the mast cells therefore reducing the cytokine release.

To reduce the effect of, or getting the disease, evidence is telling us to eat well, exercise, get good sleep and simply, take more care of our health.