Shifting Perspectives

By Lorraine Pannetier

We’re currently living in an era of huge shifts and while that may seem scary, it’s also presenting us with so many beautiful opportunities to transform our lives for the better.

Remember that your physical presence itself is powerful.

You have the ability to shift the energy in a positive way in any conversation, relationship or platform simply by showing up in your truth.

If you’re not sure exactly what I mean, then think of any occasion when you’ve felt gratitude for someone’s kind gesture and when you thanked them, their face lit up and you sensed their joy and happiness in that moment. Perhaps you both had a better day after that short exchange.

It works the other way too…

If you’re happily working in the office and you receive a phone call from an angry customer or one of your colleagues comes in and starts ranting about their ‘bad’ day, then you feel your focus, creativity and positivity drain away in an instant.

Energy shifts can happen in seconds, and being aware of this is the first step in creating a life that looks more like the one you desire.

In every moment we all have a choice. As human beings we are blessed with an innate ability to feel a wide spectrum of emotions and have the physical and linguistic ability to express those – for better or worse. So, in an era where there’s so much fear and division within the community, today I want to invite you to step into your truth, stay grounded and anchor more love into the planet. 

This is your opportunity to grow as an individual and play a part in shifting human consciousness.

It’s time for us all to share our own truth and see the truth in others beyond the layers and layers of cultural conditioning. In letting go of our own fears, doubts and made up stories in our heads, we create space for the magical process of transformation. 

If you desire to change your financial, romantic or physical situation, you’ll never succeed all the while you grip tightly onto those old stories: ‘People like me never get rich. Who’s going to love me? I can’t lose weight!’

In my own process of personal growth and transformation over the last 10 years, I’ve found many ways to support myself and to make change actually happen:

  • Get clear on your values and live your life in alignment with them. I’ve been passionate about healthy diet and lifestyle for over 30 years and my food and cooking choices reflect that. Living in alignment with my choice to not eat animal products looks like taking my own dishes to friends’ houses instead of eating meat or dairy just to be polite or because it’s ‘easier’. Living in alignment with my choice to make a difference in the world looks like running my own business rather than working for a company who may not share my values. 
  • Decide what you want and own it! If you’d love to buy your own home, travel the world or get expensive cosmetic dental or laser eye surgery, then staying clear on those goals means you’re less likely to blow extra cash on unnecessary items each week – whether that’s takeaway food, new clothes or the dreaded late-night Amazon shopping binge! Write down your goals in a journal and also in places where you’ll see them multiple times a day: on the fridge, by your bed, on your phone or laptop screensaver or as your passwords.
  • Find others who share your goals. One of the hardest things for humans is to step outside of the ‘norm’ because we’re hardwired to need to stay safe, be accepted and be part of a tribe. In caveman times, being alone meant almost certain death, whereas being part of a community meant safety, warmth, food and shelter. So, if you’re the only one in your family, class or community who lives a particular lifestyle or has dreams that no-one understands, then find your ‘tribe’ in the online space or other areas of the world. I’m so grateful to have found an amazing, supportive network of passionate, soul-driven business owners who share my values and allow me to step up and be the brightest, happiest version of me. Find your people and love them hard! 
  • Get support. I couldn’t have got where I am today without the brilliant coaches and awesome humans I’ve met, primarily in the online space. (Did I mention how lucky we are to live in this digital era?!) I honestly couldn’t count the thousands of hours I’ve spent learning through books, free challenges, paid membership groups, mastermind coaching programmes, courses and 1-1 sessions. For so many years I struggled financially, but always inherently knew that learning was my pathway to a better future. What initially started out as professional qualifications and an OU degree, slowly paved the way for personal and spiritual growth in so many areas.  I devoured every piece of information I could, savouring my new knowledge and the ancient wisdom it ignited within me. Every new thing I learned and every amazing soul I met has been intricately woven together into the ‘me’ who’s writing for you today. 

Whatever you want to achieve, whatever dreams you hold dear in your heart, this is your permission slip to get out there and make them happen! 

You don’t need to wait any longer. 

Remember that most people never think beyond the notion of what is normal in their society; never even contemplating that working outside of the ‘9-5’ model is even possible. And many of those that do begin to think outside of the box are pulled back into it as fear after fear rears its ugly head. ‘What if I fail? What if I can’t afford to feed my family? What if I don’t get any clients? What if I move abroad and I’m lonely? What if I tell them I love them but they reject me?’

Those fears feel absolutely real in your mind, but 99% of them are made up stories to keep us safe and comfortable. Why step outside and risk being chased by a sabre toothed tiger when we can stay in and watch Netflix in our pyjamas?

The world needs you to show up as the brightest, happiest, most loving and joy-filled version of you right now. In fact, it’s all it’s ever needed! So whatever your heart is calling you to do, however big or small, please make a promise to yourself today that you’ll follow the path of love, not fear, and that however arduous the journey, you’ll never give up. 

Lorraine is a Writer, Author and Intuitive Copywriter at The Soulful Word

Instagram and Facebook @thesoulfulword