You can’t always wait for the perfect time, sometimes you must dare to jump!

Words and Image by Lorraine Pannetier

Eighteen months ago we would never have guessed where we’d be today. We could not have foreseen a global pandemic and the lockdown restrictions we’ve been through, and we definitely could not have imagined a year without foreign travel, holidays or hugs with friends and family.

While there have been countless negatives to the situation, we’re also privileged to be living through an era of unparalleled innovation and creativity as businesses, organisations and individuals find new ways of working, new systems and processes and a complete overhaul to the work-life balance we’ve known for decades. 

In particular, this past year has given us all the opportunity to re-evaluate our personal and work situation and ponder on whether our home, lifestyle or career is really ticking all the boxes. It’s been a blessing in helping us all see how little material possessions really matter and how important relationships, community and health truly are. 

Have you been questioning whether it’s the right time to launch your own business or set yourself up as a freelancer or consultant? Or perhaps you’ve realised that working 50 hours a week and being too exhausted to enjoy your family time, your home or your island simply doesn’t feel good anymore, despite the great salary?

If you’ve been in a well-paid, full-time job for a long time, it’s difficult to imagine how you could achieve the same level of security working for yourself, or whether you would really be able to change your lifestyle if you switched career to something more meaningful but with a significantly lower salary. But here’s the truth…

When we follow our heart, our soul, our intuition, then everything falls into place. Suddenly that stuck, stagnant, heavy energy we’ve felt for so long disappears overnight, bringing us rainbows and calm after the storm. 

‘Those who don’t jump will never fly.’ – Leena Ahmad Almashat

If we’re always waiting for the perfect time, we’ll never fulfil our wildest dreams. There has to be that scary moment where we wonder whether we’re doing the right thing. When we feel sick, anxious and worrying about ‘how’ we’ll pay the bills or feed the kids. But in reality, once we jump, we find our wings. Our heightened sense of joy at our new life phase brings an unrivalled level of energy and motivation to get started and stay committed.

In a very short space of time, we find that we possess incredible tenacity, courage and resilience. We will always find a solution to every challenge life, health or business throws at us. As we’re walking along the beach (or going for a surf) on a Tuesday morning (when all our ex-colleagues are stuck in the office and the daily grind), we’re overcome by a huge sense of gratitude for the life we’ve created. We wonder why we didn’t do it sooner…

Divine timing…

Everything is working out exactly as it’s meant to. Serendipity and synchronicity are your new best friends and they’ll show up at the perfect moment. And when they do, you’ll feel it. You won’t just know it, you’ll feel it in every cell of your body – fizzing with excitement and tingling with anticipation. Things will fall into place in ways you could never have planned, imagined or dreamed of. Opportunities will show up out of the blue and people will come into your life with exactly what you need – whether that’s information, connections or words of wisdom.

In this period of rapid growth and expansion, you may begin to notice little signs appearing around you: seeing the same number over and over again (particularly numbers 11 or 22), feathers, patterns, words or themes. You’ll experience heightened déjà-vu, like thinking about someone and then they send you a message or call you; or hearing specific phrases multiple times a day – from a friend, in a book, on the radio in song lyrics….

Once you have this awareness, you can never go back. 

It’s time. 

Time to take a big leap into the unknown. 

Have faith, trust in yourself.

You’ve got this. 

By Lorraine Pannetier, Intuitive Copywriter for Lightworkers and Brands with Soul