Q&A with Personal Health Coach Jamie Fisher

I saw your Motivate Health advert in the November issue of The Jerseylife Magazine – I’m Intrigued – tell me, what’s it all about?

Motivate Health is all about turning your life around and creating a better healthy lifestyle. This includes a balanced diet, daily exercises and keeping well hydrated.

Why do people need a Health Coach?

A Personal Health coach will set you plans, keep you motivated and get you on track to a healthier lifestyle which in turn leads to a better wellbeing and a happier you…

Your advert said ‘Get Fit in Time For Christmas’ – Is that Even Possible?

Yes, this is very achievable. My clients see changes and greater positivity in a few short weeks and sometimes even within just a few days. It is all about sticking to the plans and keeping focused and if you can do that the results are really quite extraordinary.

How did you get into Motivational Health Coaching? I guess I’m asking – Do you practice what you preach?

I was a keen athlete from a young age, competing in both track and field as well as cross country and playing local rugby. I have always been into my fitness. Competing in many sports and being active has meant that nutrition has always been a large part of my life. I am a big ‘foodie’ and like to indulge at times, which is fine providing that each meal is the correct portion size and contains the right nutrients.

Having studied nutrition and hydration, I enjoy writing food plans. Motivating healthy eating and lifestyle changes for clients is a great passion of mine. These can include aiding in weight loss, body definition and mental health.

I exercise daily and compete in local events such as Half Marathons, Road Races and Duathlons. 

What’s your USP – what do offer that other Coaches don’t?

We offer a bespoke service that can be tailored to each individual, no matter how busy their lifestyle! We also have an app which is available, each client receives a tutorial video of each exercise, 24/7 support, daily and weekly schedules and daily motivation. You don’t have to set foot in a gym – this can be a big threat for lots of clients as they may not have the confidence, feel out of their comfort zone and perhaps be worried about how all the equipment and machines work. This can be very stressful and put people off taking the big step towards a healthier lifestyle – we take all the stress out and make it much easier to get to grips with and even fun! 

We cater for all types of physique, size and weight and work to suit your personal goals. We also offer a corporate package for companies who wish to put the wellbeing of their staff at the forefront.

So if I signed up on the dotted line as it were – what could you do for me?

After an initial consultation we would establish what your long term goals are, any health issues or niggling injuries would be taken into account. We would then set a time scale, create a fitness plan and eating plan. Then the new you begins…which leaves me to ask the question “When would you like to start?” – (we both grinned!)

And Finally – What does the future hold for Motivate Health ?

To get people HEALTHY, FIT, have a POSITIVE outlook on life and a HEALTHY MIND – which is especially important right now.

If you want to lose weight, tone up or just reset your body. Get in touch with Motivate Health today for a free consultation.

Online program also available.


Tel: 07700 322 344