Hi, we are Tasha & April. 

As administrators for the group Journey to Zero Waste Jersey, we are always on the lookout for ways to repurpose and reduce things that would otherwise go to and create waste.

While researching into other possibilities for recycling we stumbled across the website for an amazing charity called ‘The Chris Packet Project’ and decided to look into this further because it seemed to be a very worthwhile cause and way of reusing crisp packets. 

The Crisp Packet project is run by an amazing woman called Pen Huston who initially as part of her work for a charity called ‘Surviving the Streets’ realised there was a shortage of bivvy bags and survival sheets.  

One morning she woke up with a brilliant idea; crisp packets are the perfect material to make into survival sheets and bivvy bags. To do this the crisp packets are fused together with an iron and then sealed on each side with plastic to make them completely waterproof and durable. The foil lining is also perfect for reflecting body heat.

The charity now has many volunteers and branches all over the UK.  

The Bivvy bags and survival sheets are not only given to the homeless but are also accessible to families and individuals less fortunate who in some circumstances cannot afford the luxury of heating in their own homes.

Becoming involved was such an easy decision; we decided the best way forward would be to approach our children’s schools – Plat Douet and D’auvergne. Both schools agreed this was something they wanted to support and very quickly we were able to have collection points set up and running within them.

We believe the children’s involvement is so valuable as this gives them the opportunity to gain an understanding of the issues faced by homeless and less fortunate people. So far there has been an amazing response from the children for this project and they have shown great compassion. This is something they are happy to get behind.

We are so lucky to have such a fantastic support network that not only have we been able to set up in 2 schools but we also have two local businesses involved; Scoop the Sustainable Cooperative and Loaf, both allowing members of the public access, to donate their clean foil lined crisp packets.

Our initial idea was to collect, cut, wash, and post the crisp packets to the UK based charity but after finding out how we could make these ourselves, it was a no brainer. And we have been researching local uses and have some great connections with local charities (watch this space).  Again, back to our amazing support network we have been able to make several survival sheets and plan to make more to send along with the crisp packets. With the weather getting colder it really is imperative that these blankets and survival sheets go out as quickly as they can.

The support we have received since launching the Crisp Packet Project on the island has been totally overwhelming. We are just so grateful that so many people want to get involved. It has had such a positive reaction and we believe not only will it have a positive impact on our planet but an even greater one on many people’s lives. 

We really have been touched by all the work Pen has done and continues to do and can honestly say we are just so happy to now be a part of it.

If you would like to find out more or even get involved please visit The website is full of useful tips and how to videos.